[OSM-dev] I've done some work on JOSM...

Ed eAi at opencoding.net
Fri Apr 27 13:45:03 BST 2007


It now refuses to alter incomplete ways.

I've removed the visitor code!

I've tidied up the sorting code, passing a LinkedList rather than a 
HashSet (which was just converted to a LinkedList anyway). Removed a few 
other bits of code that weren't really necessary.


Martijn van Oosterhout wrote:
> On 4/27/07, Ed <eAi at opencoding.net> wrote:
>> Frederik sent me some notes and I've used this to fix a few things which
>> should make this more useful.
> A few things:
> Your command should really refuse to alter ways that are incomplete.
> By definition you can't sort them, and worse, the code simply seems to
> remove segments from the way if they are incomplete. Better to simply
> ignore incomplete ways. Also the visitor seems useless (you're only
> visiting one thing, why not do it directly).
>> The main issue with the code as it is, is that it can't really cope with
>> ways that fork/branch properly. I'll look into solving this at some 
>> point.
> I've thought of a simplify way command that would split such ways as
> well as reorder, but never got around to it.
> Have a nice day,
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