[OSM-dev] Alternative tile webserver needed?

Dirk-Lüder Kreie osm-list at deelkar.net
Fri Apr 27 13:59:59 BST 2007

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Nick Hill schrieb:
> Hello Sebastien
> The tiles drive is 160Gb and is currently running at 80% space usage and rising.

ReiserFS is said to slow down considerably if it gets past 85% full.

> The problem is simply that the tile generation process is taking every available 
> second of disk I/O. Backing off the generator process will provide enough I/O 
> time for the tiles to be read and more-or-less solve the problem.

That depends on when you look I guess, and in this absolute form the
statement is probably wrong, however, with the growing number of mappers
and tiles at home renderers this will become more and more true.

> If a more efficient tile generation scheduling algorithm were possible, we could 
> save much I/O time by generating fewer tiles and get more useful work done per 
> unit time.

While it were possible to limit re-renderig of tiles (ie. don't render a
tile if it has been rendered in the past X hours) but I'd rather not go
down that path.

If it helps I can donate a second 160 GB IDE drive to help spread the
load out over several disks (ie. put the maplint layer on there).

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