[OSM-dev] Curve Effect (was: Re: buildings)

Thomas Walraet thomas at walraet.com
Fri Apr 27 17:27:30 BST 2007

Robert Hart a écrit :
> I think currently the curve effect is applied to any angle less 
> than 90 degrees. I'm thinking maybe we should drop that to 45 or 60. I 
> can't imagine there are many genuinely smooth roads that haven been 
> mapped with so few segments.

The curve effect annoy me for some octagonal pieces of water. Dropping 
it for angle > 44° will satisfy me. (but not the person mapping a 
decagonal feature)



In the second example, the park corners are again 45° angles that should 
not have been curvified.
And another curve problem : The water piece on the east is a perfect 
target for the curving algorithm : It's a circle. But one of the segment 
is drawn straight.

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