[OSM-dev] Suggestion to replace created_by tags

Schuyler Erle schuyler at nocat.net
Sun Apr 29 22:55:13 BST 2007

* On 29-Apr-2007 at  2:42PM PDT, Richard Fairhurst said:
> No, I really don't like using tags for database internals - tags  
> should identify real-world characteristics. One of the reasons for  
> proposing the client id column was to stop created_by polluting the  
> tagspace. (We already have enough confusion with people manually  
> setting "created_by=Fred".)

Totally reasonable. In that case, I would consider adding a
transaction ID column to each class of object and offering a new API
call that lets a client request a monotonically increasing ID. If a
client posts an edit without such an ID, the server should
automatically attach one. This way clients *can* group edits, but
aren't obliged to.


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