[OSM-dev] Using Mapnik to generate tiles from shapefiles

Nick Whitelegg nick at hogweed.org
Fri Jan 5 14:53:08 GMT 2007

Hello Artem,

> HI Nick,
> > Have managed to get this working, so hopefully it should be possible to
> > get OSM rendering done using shapefiles cutting out the postgresql.
> Great!
> > At the moment I put all the style rules in the python script (decided to
> > go with python in the end) - if I put them in an XML file as you did with
> > the Postgresql solution, would I have to write my own parser or is there
> > a standard Mapnik xml format?
> Yes, there is. It is not documented but you can see all tags/attributes in
> $(mapnik_src)/src/load_map.cpp
> Here is _incomplete_ schema :

OK, thanks. Looks like you load it with the load_map function, and, looking at 
the existing osm.xml, you specify the data source as shapefile as a 
<Parameter> in the <Datasource> tag. Is this correct? 
Are there any example XML files which use shapefiles, incidentally?

On another matter, would (OSM) people think it's a good idea to do a 
tiles at home type thing for mapnik tiles? It's probably what I'd like to do 
with the "Freemap" style tiles I would like to develop for walkers.


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