[OSM-dev] A GPS voice logger application

Andreas Volz lists at brachttal.net
Fri Jan 5 22:54:30 GMT 2007


I'm mapping in Germany around Erlangen since two weeks. My idea is to
improve tagging of streets and special places. For this idea I started
the development of a GPS voice logger application. I'll explain you my
idea in a sketch and what yet exists.

I use a laptop in my car and a USB-GPS device to log GPS data with gpsd
in Linux. There's also an USB Joypad connected to that laptop and
mounted at the dashboard. Currently two buttons are programmed. Button
1 starts the voice recording and Button 2 stops the recording. Oh, I
missed there's also an microphone at the dashboard.

The C++ application is created with Gtk+ and gstreamer. The voice is
encoded as OGG/Vorbis currently. The GPS possition, time and date is
written in the Vorbis tags to position it later on the map.

There is also an co driver modus planned. A text input box should open
and save this notice together with GPS position, date and time into a

The application itself works currently only for Linux and is in very
alpha stage. Far away from finish, but it works. I'll show the sources
in near future if someone is interested.

My problem is to view that data later and use it for mapping. I use
JOSM for mapping and think it's a very usefull application. It would be
great to insert the voice files into JOSM. It should be similar as
importing photos. If I click on a voice JOSM should play this sound
file. So here are my questions:

Is this function possible to realize in JOSM with plugins? Or is a
change in JOSM needed?

Is OGG/Vorbis possible to use in Java? In special could Java read the
Vorbis tags? Or is it better to use MP3 or perhaps a WAV file with
releated text GPS tags or simply GPS tags encoded in the file name.
What is best for Java?

Is there an experienced JOSM plugin developer who like to help me?

Any comments?


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