[OSM-dev] Various OSM troubles

Nick Hill nick at nickhill.co.uk
Mon Jan 8 14:59:15 GMT 2007

Andy Robinson wrote:

> This is most likely an SQL query timeout and has always been present to some
> degree or other throughout the project to date. If we had tons more hardware
> my guess is the project could deliver more data for each query. Until then
> we must consider the workaround.
> The temporary solution is to download the area in chunks into JOSM and then
> save the whole lot as an .osm file to your hard disk. Close down JOSM and
> then reload the same file again from the hard disk and you should find you
> have a fully functioning enlarged area. (JOSM does not always handle joins
> between partly downloaded data properly and hence the recommendation to
> close JOSM and reload the file before working on it)

I feel we should have a capability to server large bounding boxes. However, this 
capability probably should be kept separate from the regular workload of 
database servers delivering real-time API data.

Any ideas whether this would most efficiently be done through using planet + 
osm-subset.pl or through a db + API approach?

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