[OSM-dev] Field Boundaries and Yahoo! Maps

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Jan 11 12:28:19 GMT 2007


> The question is then - what are the exact terms and conditions for  
> using
> the Yahoo! maps in OSM? I seem to remember that as long as you used  
> the
> Yahoo! api to access them and display the copyright message, it  
> would be
> ok.

That's something I am very interested in myself. I was thinking about  
building something that lets me use Yahoo! maps and/or satellite  
images as background images in josm, just like we currently have  
landsat imagery. I would stick 100% to their API but access it from a  
remote-controlled browser instance so that I can export the image  
into josm. But I am not sure about the legal situation. It doesn't  
make sense to spend time developing something if it cannot be used,  
published, and talked about for fear of damaging our reputation.

I have read some of the web talk following the announcement of the  
Yahoo/OSM agreement, and a statement by an OSM activist - forgot who  
it was - read something like: "Now it will often suffice to cycle  
past roads to write down the names, and you will not have to cycle  
down each road to get the exact track...". This seems to preclude the  
use of Yahoo! maps, and only allow the satellite imagery to be used,  
but that's just my guess.


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