[OSM-dev] [OSM-talk] Field Boundaries, was Field Boundaries and Yahoo! Maps

Nick Whitelegg Nick.Whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Mon Jan 15 17:00:55 GMT 2007

>If there is a disire to really sort out the array of faults that tagging
>rural areas offers then it would be good to really sort it out on a wiki
>page.  The UK countryside user 
> seems kinda unactive, (is it even exsitent?)  but I would really like to
>use it to make all the tags more open for tagging things in the 
>and move away from the citycentric limitations wich are currently 
>in the way, by gathering a handful of valid opions in order to resolve 

Well I made the suggestion for a countryside group but have only had a 
couple of people interested. But I agree that more needs to be done on the 
countryside. I am in the process of developing countryside-orientated 
Mapnik maps (with contours) which will hopefully help; also Richard is 
doing some work on Potlatch which will make the prospect of a 
countryside-centric online editor become a reality.

>I thourght the yahoo images didnt cover the coutnryside anyway?.  Theres
>none round me for shore, or anywhere I seem to go.

They do - at lower resolution. It's often enough to figure out field 
boundaries; they're slightly better than Landsat.

Another countryside-based mapping party (following the New Forest last 
year) in the spring or summer would be a good thing to have too. Somewhere 
high profile like the Lake District would be good.


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