[OSM-dev] Topologicial correctness in OSM

Nick Black nickblack1 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 17 18:58:49 GMT 2007

Hurray  I was just about to start writing a script to do it.  I've
said it before, utils/ is a goldmine.  Can you believe that Mapnifo
TABs do not support topology?  I had naively assumed they would. +1
for OSM

On 1/17/07, Jon Burgess <jburgess777 at googlemail.com> wrote:
> On Wed, 2007-01-17 at 17:19 +0000, Nick Black wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > Whilst trying to produce .osm from the brazillian TABs, I've run into
> > a problem, in that the output I can produce output in OSM XML, but it
> > is topologically incorrect, as it duplicates nodes at intersections.
> > My process is:
> >
> > TAB > Import to PostGIS usign ogr2ogr > Script to talk to PG, and
> > input data to OSM MYSQL via dao.rb .
> >
> > One solution to the problem is to go through mysql and compare each
> > lat and lon value to each other, identifying the duplicate nodes and
> > then deleting one set and correcting their parent segment - this seems
> > a rediculous way to do it though.
> > Does anyone have a better idea how to go about it?  I cant see how
> > PostGIS maintains topology, but it obviously does somehow.
> >
> It is fairly ridiculous but works. If you can get the data into an OSM
> style XML file then the script in utils/simplify/simplify.pl will do
> this for you. Specify a fairly small minimum feature size e.g.
> --simplify=0.00001 which should get rid of any nodes within about 1m of
> each other.
> The script is quite memory hungry on larger data sets. If this is an
> issue then I may be able to provide a C implementation at some time in
> the future.
>         Jon

Nick Black

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