[OSM-dev] Slippy Map, automatic Tile Rendering

Thomas Walraet thomas at walraet.com
Thu Jan 18 17:01:51 GMT 2007

Jochen Topf a écrit :
> But you are right, that would mean I have to go through all tiles, calculate
> the difference between the tile rendering count and the current count.
> So thats not really efficient, even if we have everything in memory. So
> we have to have some more ideas here.

Just look in the daily/hourly diff dump where are located the change to 
re-render the tiles impacted.

The DB just have to dump all record of the last day (or hour) every day 
(or hour). Anybody could the download the diff and do whatever he want 
with it. (read-only mirror, tile invalidation, stats, ...)

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