[OSM-dev] Tiles with data, but without ways (was: Filled oceans in tiles at home - request for development work)

Dirk-Lüder Kreie osm-list at deelkar.net
Mon Jan 22 17:04:30 GMT 2007

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Thomas Walraet schrieb:

> If you want to add ways to such cities, you could try my way-creation 
> plugin for JOSM. It takes all selected segments that aren't part of a 
> way and create as many ways as needed (a way by group of connected 
> segments in the same direction without intersection)
> http://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/talk/2006-December/009233.html

While very useful people can do much harm so I'd rather it would add a
tag automatically to the effect that the way was auto-created by some
Furthermore it should have a warning not to auto-convert other peoples'
data without knowing exactly what the segments should represent.

Ask the Hamburg guys what happened there, or likewise in Bremen, where a
whole lot of segments was auto-converted into ways with
highway=unclassified even when they represented something entirely
different, like train lines for example.

> For those who are good at making maps from the planet dump : It could be 
> handy to have a map showing location of those segments without ways.

We could use the osmarender debug-mode for tiles at home, which would make
segments show up on the map, but we need to make clear that this is not
yet finished data, perhaps by only doing it on zoom 12-14, so the
Segments show up in overview, but not when someone is browsing detail,
on the other hadn this might be confusing if suddenly a whole lot of
data seems to be missing just because one zoomed in.

Dirk-Lüder "Deelkar" Kreie

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