[OSM-dev] Drawing ways with bezier curves rather thanlinesegments

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> I'll stand corrected on this but I recall we had a long discussion on bezier
> curves maybe more than a year ago, a search of the list (probably on talk at
> the time) should find something. One of the issues that was flagged at the
> time was a patent that Navtech has on bezier curves. I think it was one of
> the reasons the idea was dropped quicker than it might otherwise have been.

I think this should be investigated a bit more closely. Patents can end up being quite specific, so it may well be possible to use beziers in a way that isn't covered by their patent. Also I suspect that knowing the US patent office, there are scores of other things we are already doing that could be covered by somebody's patents....


and specifically:
US Patent: 6,366,927

(also this one sounds scarily familiar:
US Patent: 6,674,434

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