[OSM-dev] Drawing ways with beziercurves rather than linesegments

Kristian Thy thy at 42.dk
Thu Jan 25 17:47:47 GMT 2007

On Thu, Jan 25, Robert Hart wrote:
> Spending 1000 man hours coding around a potential problem would be well
> worth it, if it protects 100,000 man hours of mapping!

It is, in my opinion, pointless to try to avoid patented technologies -
see for instance http://webshop.ffii.de/ for the number of patents that
can apply to a simple, basic webshop. Faced with this, you can either a)
employ an army of lawyers to clear your coding beforehand, or b) code
away and pay up if challenged. To choose between a or b, you need to
estimate the feasibility of each option. Option a is clearly very costly
all the time. Option b is free most of the time, and costs a lot a
little of the time. Given that OSM is a non-entity with no funds, "a
little of the time" approaches zero since patent infringement claims
generally target entities with lots of money (cf. Eola vs Microsoft and
Unisys' LZW case). Thus, option b is clearly the most cost-efficient in
my opinion.

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