[OSM-dev] Need to convert OSM XML map data to SVG TINY

Jochen Topf jochen at remote.org
Sun Jan 28 13:19:39 GMT 2007

On Sun, Jan 28, 2007 at 12:09:54PM +0200, George Sgouros wrote:
> I am on my way on creating a map-based app for mobile phones using J2ME and JSR226 (svg). After discovering openstreetmaps sometime ago, I cannot think of anything else but osm to use as a map source for my app.
> However I do have a problem. Osmarender currently only supports XML to SVG FULL conversion. It would be really nice if it could directly produce an SVG TINY file.
> I thought about tweeking osmarender.xsl in order to make it output an SVG-TINY file instead of SVG-FULL, however I found it a bit overwhelming.
> I COULD of course use Adobe Illustrator or a similar app to make the conversion from svg full to svg tiny. However, what I think as the best approach is a command line tool which could directly produce SVG-TINY files using the osm xml files. 
> So I was wondering if anybody could help me locate (or maybe easily create) an XSL file for Osmarender which will produce an SVG TINY file.
> A command line converter from SVG Full to SVG tiny would also be useful. Does anybody happen to know such a tool?

I guess SVG tiny is a subset of SVG? Is there some specification
document for it? If it is powerful enough to do all the things we need,
we might change Osmarender to use it.

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