[OSM-dev] Tiles with data, but without ways

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Jan 31 14:18:51 GMT 2007


> Did this happen? I.e. does osmarender now render unwayed segments in
> dashed grey? When will they start showing on the osmarender layer  
> of the
> slippy map?

Any changes to the osmarender slippy map require all tiles at home  
contributors to update their rendering client, or at least the style  
information. There are about 50 contributors. There is a wiki page  
that contributors should regularly read, but I doubt all of them do,  
and neither do I believe they all read this list.

To my knowledge the style hasn't yet changed in the SVN so even if  
they were willing to change their setup, they wouldn't be able to.

I suggest that we make this change when tiles at home switches to  
osmarender4. At that time everyone will have to update their client  
anyway so we can throw in all sorts of rendering changes along with  

(The only person to have a definitive list of contributors and how to  
reach them is probably OJW who hands out the upload accounts.)


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