[OSM-dev] [PATCH] make JOSM validator plugin ignore unnamed motorway_link

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Jun 2 03:52:29 BST 2007


> Why? I've been tagging the node of the motorway which is the actual
> point where the motorway_link leaves the motorway as junction_ref/name.

Hm, a typical motorway junction (at least *my* typical motorway 
junctions) have a total of four motorway_link ways connecting onto (or 
off of) the motorway, so there will be four such "actual points".

What we really need is a way to say "this whole thingie here consisting 
of a handful of motorway_link ways is called 'exit 37'". We don't have 
that now, so any way we do it will be a workaround.

There was tag proposal for named junctions (which I voted against but I 
think I was in the minority) that suggested just putting a lone node 
next to a junction describing what the junction is. If people are now 
using that for normal junctions, then I see no reason why it should not 
be used to name motorway exits.


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