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Fri Jun 8 21:55:41 BST 2007

Once you have a first cut, why not do a test upload of a county and then get
it rendered.  It should then be possible to do a visual comparison between
the Osmarender output in this area and other typical Osmarender output.

If you choose a test area that a lot of Europeans might be familar with
(perhaps a part of LA, SF, Orlando or Boston) then we can also cast


On 6/8/07, Alex Mauer <hawke at hawkesnest.net> wrote:
> Brandon Martin-Anderson wrote:
> > "local, neighborhood, and rural roads" fits fairly well
> > with "residential".
> To me, "neighborhood" does correspond to OSM's residential, but local
> and particularly rural do not.  "local" probably corresponds better to
> OSM's 'tertiary' (I guess I'd have to see actual data to know for certain)
> I guess it depends on which roads are more prevelant and which would be
> easier to correct after the fact.  I suspect there's a larger quantity
> of a4x roads that are residential but that they'll be closer together
> and thus easier to correct.
> cities have a high concentration of residential roads, but then there's
> also a huge distance of rural roads that would be better entered as
> "unclassified".
> -Alex Mauer "hawke"
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