[OSM-dev] Server is very very busy...

Marc Schütz schuetzm at gmx.net
Wed Jun 13 15:41:36 BST 2007

Since a few weeks, during certain times many (most?) t at h uploads are failing 
with a "503 Server is very very busy..." message. I agree that limiting the 
load on the server is a good idea, but unfortunately the clients receive this 
notification only _after_ the upload has been done. This is a big waste of 
bandwidth, as the client tries to reupload the tiles again and again.

Could this be changed so that either:
- the client checks the load on the server _before_ uploading anything
- the tiles that have already been uploaded will be queued on the server for 
processing when the load is lower again
- or at least the back-off mechanism kicks in after the first failed upload

Marc Schütz
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