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Andy Robinson Andy_J_Robinson at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Jun 14 09:17:41 BST 2007

Dave Hansen
>Sent: 13 June 2007 10:08 PM
>To: Brandon Martin-Anderson
>Cc: osm-dev
>Subject: Re: [OSM-dev] TIGER import.rb
>Cool!  I'm glad somebody else is interested in this stuff.  Did you get
>code from the applications/utils/import/tiger directory in SVN, or did
>you write it all yourself?
>So, one thing I spent quite a bit of time on was making sure that all of
>the ways that were adjacent and could be made into a single way were
>merged.  This way, long lengths of streets don't get labeled many times.
>This is a weakness of the renderer, but it makes for weird-looking
>duplicated street labels:
>It also makes it hard if you want to modify the entire street and add an
>osm tag, say highway=primary or something.
>It actually wouldn't be too hard to merge our stuff together.  You could
>pretty easily make your code do the same thing if you took my
>create_way() and way.combine_with() functions and used them instead of
>the simple addition to the way with 'way.segs << '.  One thing that I
>completely ignored for now was merging tags, though.  We'd have to come
>up with a way of reconciling them.
>> Let's put our heads together, combine the features of our two
>> importers,
>Definitely.  One thing I saw in the data that I think is a bad fit for
>OSM is the stuff like zip_begin/end or zip_left/right.  Shouldn't we be
>tagging nodes themselves with zipcodes and addresses instead of the
>> and work on some of the outstanding issues like the _incredible
>> slowness_ of the upload. The county in the above map took about 10
>> hours to upload. And it's a small, rural county.
>I thought that the original tiger import ran on the server and didn't
>even go through the normal API.  But, that was before my time, and I
>guess it was a bit of a fiasco.
>I actually don't think 10 hours is too bad. :)
>I think it would be really nice if all of the people interested in the
>tiger data could use the same conversion programs to get the data into
>OSM.  We're all going to have the same issues, and I would imagine we'll
>need to come up with a few new tags and conventions for handling things.
>Do you know of any other areas that are using the TIGER data?
>-- Dave

This is all great work guys. Keep plugging at it as this all looks very very



Andy Robinson
Andy_J_Robinson at blueyonder.co.uk

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