[OSM-dev] TIGER import.rb

Andy Robinson Andy_J_Robinson at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Jun 14 09:25:16 BST 2007


>> and work on some of the outstanding issues like the _incredible
>> slowness_ of the upload. The county in the above map took about 10
>> hours to upload. And it's a small, rural county.
>I thought that the original tiger import ran on the server and didn't
>even go through the normal API.  But, that was before my time, and I
>guess it was a bit of a fiasco.
>I actually don't think 10 hours is too bad. :)
>I think it would be really nice if all of the people interested in the
>tiger data could use the same conversion programs to get the data into
>OSM.  We're all going to have the same issues, and I would imagine we'll
>need to come up with a few new tags and conventions for handling things.
>Do you know of any other areas that are using the TIGER data?

Just to clarify on this point, the original TIGER import ran via the API on
a one second insert cycle. That was causing problems for other users so it
was backed off to a 3 second insert cycle.

The problem now is that we have even more users pressing for the resources
and thus I believe that while the process is slower than it might be if we
dumped straight to the OSM database the ability for users to control and
take ownership of the process via JOSM has a significant appeal to our
community based project. I'm sure that you will find many seasoned OSMers
who do not live in the USA will still be interested in "mapping" in the USA
in the same way some have been mapping cities in other countries using Y!



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