[OSM-dev] user diaries enhancement request

Kerry Burke kerry at kurverit.com
Thu Jun 21 14:49:25 BST 2007

Using a planet aggregator is a good way to aggregate feeds.

Venus could be the way to go:


Stefan Baebler wrote:
> Guys, please don't get carried away into writing another blogging
> software (preview, bbcode, detecting links in text, permalinks,
> spamfight, comments....), just to add location information to posts
> (somehow i assumed that was the reason for even starting diaries).
> Anyhow, there are plugins for most popular opensource blogging
> software doing just that.
> Yes, do provide some basic functionality for people without blogs, but
> aggregating registered user's rss feeds on the osm topic might be far
> better / more useful idea.
> Eg: http://www.openstreetmap.org/diary should also include blog posts,
> such as
> http://damumbl.byteholder.de/blog/?cat=11&feed=rss2, nicely merged
> with other posts (other rss feeds and osm diaries) ordered by date.
> Also served as RSS. Users would enter their blog's feed URL in their
> preferences.
> greets,
>      Stefan
> On 6/21/07, Richard Fairhurst <richard at systemed.net> wrote:
>> Dan Karran wrote:
>> > Yep, sounds like a sensible feature. Also permalinks that actually
>> > point to the right diary entry, and working out what to do with HTML
>> > in posts... SteveC had asked me to strip it out to prevent spam, but
>> > perhaps just adding a rel="nofollow" to links would suffice?
>> It would certainly be good to allow links to anything on
>> *.openstreetmap.org (and opengeodata, and perhaps the domain in the
>> user's registered mail address?).
>> I'm never sure whether nofollow actually stops spammers, though -
>> spammy links are still annoying even if they're not doing anything for
>> their Google rank.
>> cheers
>> Richard
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