[OSM-dev] What is our policy for accounts on dev?

Steve Coast steve at asklater.com
Fri Jun 29 11:33:59 BST 2007

I know nicks been busy but he might not have seen this email as I had  
a chat and he didn't remember...


On 29 Jun 2007, at 10:52, Frederik Ramm wrote:

> Hi,
>     I want an account on dev. I have politely asked Nick Hill by E-
> Mail on 28 May, and again on 19 June, and not received an answer. I
> have asked this list on 15 June wheter anyone besides Nick Hill is
> able to create accounts, and have not received an answer.
> Can this please be fixed somehow? Can we not give root at dev to a few
> people besides Nick who at least have the time to respond to E-Mails?
> I mean, a simple "no you can't get an account" would have been
> acceptable but just receiving no answer at all is really really
> unsatisfactory.
> I know this is a do-it-yourself project but concerning the dev server
> I am just not able to do anything myself. I was really only asking
> for a plain user account, but if the problem is lack of skilled
> personnel then give *me* root access on dev. I'm not as skilled in
> hardware questions as Nick Hill is but I know my way around a Linux
> box and have administered servers with 2000+ users when I was at
> University, and still run a few multi-user dedicated servers of my
> own, so I could at least create users, monitor and restart processes,
> tend to the mysql database on dev, and such.
> Bye
> Frederik
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have fun,

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