[OSM-dev] What is our policy for accounts on dev?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Jun 29 10:52:40 BST 2007


    I want an account on dev. I have politely asked Nick Hill by E- 
Mail on 28 May, and again on 19 June, and not received an answer. I  
have asked this list on 15 June wheter anyone besides Nick Hill is  
able to create accounts, and have not received an answer.

Can this please be fixed somehow? Can we not give root at dev to a few  
people besides Nick who at least have the time to respond to E-Mails?  
I mean, a simple "no you can't get an account" would have been  
acceptable but just receiving no answer at all is really really  

I know this is a do-it-yourself project but concerning the dev server  
I am just not able to do anything myself. I was really only asking  
for a plain user account, but if the problem is lack of skilled  
personnel then give *me* root access on dev. I'm not as skilled in  
hardware questions as Nick Hill is but I know my way around a Linux  
box and have administered servers with 2000+ users when I was at  
University, and still run a few multi-user dedicated servers of my  
own, so I could at least create users, monitor and restart processes,  
tend to the mysql database on dev, and such.


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