[OSM-dev] Osmarender feature on only one side of road

Lachlan Rogers lachlan at rogers.name
Fri Jun 29 05:16:20 BST 2007


I'm playing around with rendering cycling maps from the OSM data, and want to work a neat way to render cycle lanes on roads.

There are many instances where the cycle lane is only one one side of the road, and there are some suggestions for tagging this situation at http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/Cycleway

I am wondering if there is some way to render a stroke off-set slightly from the actual path.  If I could do this, then I could make something like a second "casing" for the road that was off-centre and so only appeared out from under the "core" of the road on one side.  Looking through the osmarender files, I've found a thing called "translation" that might be what I'm looking for (I think that the dy used for road names might be something similar to what I want).  Unfortunately I don't yet follow the syntax enough to implement my idea.

Is my idea feasible?  How should I go about it?


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