[OSM-dev] T at H error (Win32)

Kristian Thy thy at 42.dk
Tue Mar 6 22:28:01 GMT 2007

Running the latest revision:

- Using working directory c:\temp\osm\
- Inkscape version 0.45
- xmlstarlet version 1.0.1
- zip is present
- Uploading with username "kristian"
- Using OSM username "thy%4042.dk"
This is version 2177 (Bangkok) of tilesgen
Running in concise mode. Set config option Verbose=1
for old, chatty behaviour.
[#1   0%] Doing tileset 2008,1553 (area around 39.808466,-3.471680)
[#1   0%] Rendering...  doneThe system cannot find the path specified.tes
  The following command produced an error message:
   "c:\progra~1\inkscape\inkscape.exe" -w 256 -h 256 --export-area=0.000000:0.000000:878.910000:878.721175 --export-png="c:\temp\osm\/tile_12_2008_1553.png_part" "c:\temp\osm\output-1272-z12.svg" > /dev/null
  Debug output follows:
[#1   0%] Splitting c:\temp\osm\/tile_12_2008_1553.png_part (1 x 1)... Can't use an undefined value as a symbol reference at C:/Perl/site/lib/GD/Image.pm line 175.


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