[OSM-dev] Funny Numbers

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Mar 7 16:06:33 GMT 2007


>> So we have 8423007 nodes in the database, but 8759380 nodes are
>> referenced by segments.
> You probably mean the opposite - 8759k in the DB, 8423k referenced by
> segments.

No, I really mean it the way I wrote it - there are more (different)  
nodes referenced than there are in total.

>> That's (at least) 340k nodes used but not present - is that  
>> possible? Or a
>> likely bug in my script?
> It's perflectly possible. That means that about 3.8% of the nodes are
> amenities (churches, pubs, post boxes) or city names, which are not  
> part of
> any way. Or simply unconnected and untagged.

Those cases make the difference even bigger.


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