[OSM-dev] Does anyone run osm2pgsql on a regular basis?

Jon Burgess jburgess777 at googlemail.com
Wed Mar 7 20:13:48 GMT 2007

On Wed, 2007-03-07 at 14:13 +0000, Nick Whitelegg wrote:
> Given the memory issue with osm2pgsql, making it unfeasible to run it at 
> the moment on my server space, does anyone make available the generated 
> SQL on a regular basis (e.g. each time planet comes out?) If so, it would 
> save having to recode osm2pgsql to use less memory, or adopting an 
> entirely different approach (as suggested by Raphael) which is likely to 
> involve asteep learning curve.

I normally download and convert the planet.osm every fortnight. I'm in
the process of downloading and converting the latest one. Unfortunately
i'm not sure i've got a big enough web space to upload the file to
anywhere where you'd be able to access it.


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