[OSM-dev] Funny Numbers

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Mar 7 15:23:37 GMT 2007


    just ran my lastmodtile script on the latest planet file, and as  
a side-effect got the following stats:

7365451 segment references extracted from 7440167 ways

8759380 node references extracted from 8831307 segments

48989 tile references extracted from 8423007 nodes

So we have 8423007 nodes in the database, but 8759380 nodes are  
referenced by segments. That's (at least) 340k nodes used but not  
present - is that possible? Or a likely bug in my script?

We have 8831307 segments, but only 7365451 are used in ways (some  
probably multiple times), giving us at least 1.5m (or roughly 20%) un- 
wayed segments.


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