[OSM-dev] Problems after losing inet connection while uploading changes with JOSM

Styno styno at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 9 14:37:08 GMT 2007

>  On Fri, Mar 09, Styno wrote:
> > JOSM had a huge list of additions/changes after working for a
> > couple of
 >> hours on a residential area. While uploading these changes my wireless
 >> USB stick decided to call it a day which resulted in JOSM dropping the
 >> connection in the middle of the upload. After fixing the wireless
 >> connection I issued the upload command in JOSM again, but JOSM had
 > already cleared my change list.
>  While I agree with your proposal, here's an easy workaround for
>  future sanity-preservation: Save the datalayer to a local .osm file
>  *before* uploading. Then you can reload the datalayer, complete with
>  changelist, in case of upload problems. Having the same change
>  committed twice is not harmful.
>  \\kristian

True, that would have saved some time. But I suspect it wouldn't have 
prevented the second
problem where I had to delete and recreate portions of ways because JOSM 
claimed not all
relevant data had been downloaded.

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