[OSM-dev] Problems after losing inet connection while uploading changes with JOSM

Dean Earley dean at earlsoft.co.uk
Sun Mar 11 14:11:00 GMT 2007

Styno wrote:
> The next day I started JOSM and downloaded the area again just to
> discover that a lot of my changes were lost. Also a lot of new ways were
> only partly complete. Trying to correct the partly completed ways
> resulted in an error like (forgot to write down the exact error, please
> forgive me): Warning: the way is incomplete, please download the area
> first before editing. Of course downloading that area again did not
> solve the problem so I had to delete the way and reconstruct it. After a
> couple of hours reconstructing things were again as the day before and
> the changes were committed to the DB successfully this time.

This is a bug in JOSM where downloading multiple chunks, doesn't always 
match up two parts of a way.
You need to save the OSM layer, exit and reload it.

This only causes problems when you reorder/split segments in it, the 
rest of the time, the data is left intact.

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