[OSM-dev] Algorithm for converting lat/lon into Mercator as used in OSM PostGIS?

Kristian Thy thy at 42.dk
Sun Mar 11 13:13:45 GMT 2007

On Sun, Mar 11, Nick Whitelegg wrote:
> What would be really good, incidentally, would be a resource on the web which 
> explains all the subtleties with projections and ellipsoids (which I probably 
> only half-understand TBH), with appropriate conversion equations, so that 
> people who haven't done formal GIS training could read and understand the 
> theory and then easily implement the code. Maybe such a resource exists 
> though I haven't found it yet... Maybe it should go on the OSM wiki?

Maybe it's just me being daft, but is there any real reason you want to
do this massive duplication of effort? Can't you just link to libproj?


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