[OSM-dev] New Yahoo imagery plugin for JOSM

Francisco R. Santos frsantos at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 11:23:05 GMT 2007

Hi all,

I discovered that Firefox has a feature to make a dump of the just recently
loaded page to a PPM image file. So, I ported the Yahoo WMS server that
Frederik made a couple of months ago as a java plugin for JOSM. You can find
a preliminary but working version at [1].

1.- Download and install as any other JOSM plugin
2.- In the preferences, in the Yahoo tab, set the firefox path, the name of
a profile to use and the port the server will listen. Just click on "create"
to create and configure this profile (a browser page will explain the
changes made to the profile).
3.- Add a server to the WMS plugin with a similar URL to this:
4.- Enjoy

The creation of a new profile is needed as firefox requires some
configuration parameters, the same way the perl script did, and it is best
to create a new profile instead of messing with the default one.

Any comments about bugs or features are appreciated.

Frederik: I would want to automagically configure the WMS plugin to add a
Yahoo WMS server. Could you add some methods to your plugin for this? One
method to create/modify a new WMS server (will call it at plugin startup),
and other to update the preferences gui (will call it when the user changes
the server port in the preferences dialog). Methods should not depend on
wmsplugin classes, because I want to invoke them as  PluginProxy does, with

Nick: may  I have a SVN account to check in the code, please?


[1]: http://personales.ya.com/frsantos/ywms.jar
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