[OSM-dev] Fw: Extracting Great Britain and Ireland from planet.osm

Nick Whitelegg Nick.Whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Tue Mar 13 10:19:01 GMT 2007

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Subject:        Re: [OSM-dev] Extracting Great Britain and Ireland from 

>1) have this script generate the gb/irl data on the server and store it 
next to the planet.osm. This will seriously cut down the amount of data 
have >to download and make it easier to work with up to date data. I 
assume there will be a lot of interest in the UK/IRL/Germany only data. 

What I could do is set this up as a cron job on the dev server (assuming 
that dev has the necessary Perl libraries to run the script) and place it 
on my download space. I'd probably run it say 12 hours after planet 
(Wednesday 12:00 UK time) to give planet chance to finish.
What I'll also do on dev, with this data, is run osm2pgsql on it and make 
a PostGIS SQL file for the UK for people to download. I need to do this 
for Freemap so may as well make it publicly available.


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