[OSM-dev] london tube stations

Dan Moore writetodan at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 16 10:49:30 GMT 2007

if i'm abroad, i want to know which of the various nearby types of railway stations are overland or which are urban metro - i think you need the generic tag for this - and of course maps would ideally indicate metro-ness of a particular network.

cheers, dan.

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> > I think it would make it hard for renderers to know about every
> metro system
> > in the world.
> Why?  All it would take is the individual in the particular country to
> make a png for their logo and amend the render rules file.  OSM can
> really kick-ass in this arae and be a lot less generic than other
> online maps - I really think we should be aiming to adopt local
> cartography conventions where we can.

I'm not saying one shouldn't do this, merely that a generic tag would allow
those which don't have a specific logo to be rendered.

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