[OSM-dev] Updated experimental osm2pgsql version

Jon Burgess jburgess777 at googlemail.com
Wed Mar 21 00:35:50 GMT 2007

I've updated the experimental version of osm2pgsql to incorporate the
latest osm.xml changes. This includes the point/line/polygon tables and
z_order column (the generated z_order output does have some minor

The code has bee switched back to using an in-memory array to store
temporary data. Recent improvements to the code keep the memory usage to
around about 500MB which should be less of an issue for people running
on machines with less memory.

Using the RAM mid layer this current code loads the planet.osm in about
half the time of the previous (non-experimental) implementation. 

The alternative database 'middle' layer can be enabled by editing
osm2pgsql.c to change mid = &mid_ram for mid_pgsql. This is slightly
faster than it used to be, but still slower and more IO intensive than
the RAM mid layer.


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