[OSM-dev] Updated experimental osm2pgsql version

SteveC steve at asklater.com
Thu Mar 22 18:20:28 GMT 2007

I no longer need the post-process script then?

Jon Burgess wrote:
> I've updated the experimental version of osm2pgsql to incorporate the
> latest osm.xml changes. This includes the point/line/polygon tables and
> z_order column (the generated z_order output does have some minor
> differences). 
> The code has bee switched back to using an in-memory array to store
> temporary data. Recent improvements to the code keep the memory usage to
> around about 500MB which should be less of an issue for people running
> on machines with less memory.
> Using the RAM mid layer this current code loads the planet.osm in about
> half the time of the previous (non-experimental) implementation. 
> The alternative database 'middle' layer can be enabled by editing
> osm2pgsql.c to change mid = &mid_ram for mid_pgsql. This is slightly
> faster than it used to be, but still slower and more IO intensive than
> the RAM mid layer.
> 	Jon
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