[OSM-dev] Effort in the US wasted until TIGER import iscomplete?

Andy Robinson Andy_J_Robinson at blueyonder.co.uk
Wed Mar 21 11:38:56 GMT 2007

Ludwig M Brinckmann wrote:
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>Subject: Re: [OSM-dev] Effort in the US wasted until TIGER import
>Would it not make much more sense to write something like an adapter, which
>will allow people to read Tiger data from source as if it were an OSM
>source, ie in the OSM XML format and update OSM renderers so that it is
>possible to link in such adapters?
>I always find data duplication a problem and an approach like this would
>avoid the problem of  having to deal with updates to whatever external
>source are in use -- plus save a lot of space on the DB. Obviously this
>means that OSM authors cannot modify data imported as such -- but with the
>consistency problem I am not sure if they should.

Obviously it would be cool tool if JOSM could query the relevant TIGER
County and import the data for the area in view, which could then be
uploaded to the server once processed in JOSM properly. It would permit
local edit before the upload commit too.

The main disadvantage I would see is that it's not systematic. Also there
would be a need to recognise where data has already been imported so that
duplication does not occur.

Any approach that distributes the work to users in my view makes a lot of
sense because it places some level of control in there. We know the TIGER
data isn't that good so manual intervention (reedit) is always going to be
necessary to produce nice looking maps.



>Apologies, if this has been discussed in the past.
>On 3/21/07, Robert (Jamie) Munro < rjmunro at arjam.net
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>	Thomas Lunde wrote:
>	> Hello -
>	>
>	> The TIGER page [1] indicates that the initial effort was removed
>	> the database because of data corruption.
>	>
>	> Other postings seem to indicate that a new TIGER import will
>	> existing US data.[2]
>	The other part of the problem was that the TIGER dataset was so huge
>	was slowing the servers down too much.
>	Did someone say they had imported TIGER into PostGIS? Is it possible
>	them to provide that data somewhere for download, so that I can load
>	into my own PostGIS, and experiment with turning it into OSM data
>	there? I think that will be much easier than starting with raw TIGER
>	Thanks,
>	Robert (Jamie) Munro
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