[OSM-dev] Osmarender map beautifier question

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Wed Mar 21 12:45:59 GMT 2007

Robert Hart wrote:

>> In addition: Lane->La, Court->Ct, Close->Ct are both quite common.
> I'll add those. You mean Close->Cl though don't you?

I do, I'm clearly a numpty. :)

> Agreed. I attempted to sort the abbreviations into priority order, and
> only use as many as are needed. It's not entirely fool proof. There's a
> "West North Steet" in Aberdeen, which would and up as "West N. Street"
> in the current scheme which is almost as bad as your 9 Acres. I think
> I'll leave the words->numbers abbreviations 4the txtrs...

There's another April Fool possibility - let's do a OSM-to-l33t  
converter and render a map from it...

"WTF n0 m4pp1Ng h3r3???!1 omg n00bz"

(in y0ur t0wn, m4pp1ng y0ur str33tz)

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