[OSM-dev] Osmarender map beautifier question

Robert Hart Robert.Hart at BuroHappold.com
Wed Mar 21 12:37:10 GMT 2007

> Generally abbreviations on labels wouldn't have a full stop after
> them, so just "Rd" rather than "Rd.".

Probably. I guess I'm just naturally a stickler for
"wot-my-english-teacher-taught-me". :-)
> In addition: Lane->La, Court->Ct, Close->Ct are both quite common.

I'll add those. You mean Close->Cl though don't you?

> At the cartography day we noticed that Google have started some really
> horrible auto-abbreviations on their mapping, regardless of the length
> of the street. I now live on "9 Acres Close", according to Google,
> which I guess means my address begins "5 9 Acres Close". Yuck.

Agreed. I attempted to sort the abbreviations into priority order, and
only use as many as are needed. It's not entirely fool proof. There's a
"West North Steet" in Aberdeen, which would and up as "West N. Street"
in the current scheme which is almost as bad as your 9 Acres. I think
I'll leave the words->numbers abbreviations 4the txtrs...

When this is merged with the framework that Barry is working on, we
could use tags on the ways to hint abbreviations. I'd rather avoid
application specific tags where possible though.


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