[OSM-dev] Osmarender map beautifier question

Robert Hart Robert.Hart at BuroHappold.com
Wed Mar 21 14:08:51 GMT 2007

> Goethestrasse -> Goethestr.
> Goethestraße -> Goethestr.
> Johann-Wolfgang-von-Goethe-Strasse -> Johann-Wolfgang-von-Goethe-Str.
> (not that it would make a lot of difference... cartographers would
> often abbreviate first names in such cases)
> Johann-Wolfgang-von-Goethe-Straße -> Johann-Wolfgang-von-Goethe-Str.
> Goetheplatz -> Goethepl.
> Johann-Wolfgang-von-Goethe-Platz -> Johann-Wolfgang-von-Goethe-Pl.
> Goetheweg -> Goethew.
> Johann-Wolfgang-von-Goethe-Weg -> Johann-Wolfgang-von-Goethe-W.

Fantastic. When I was testing the script I came up with a fictitious "Great Boulevard of Saint Paul, North"
> Note (a) there's never a space before Platz and Strasse, and (b)
> there IS a full stop at the end.

That isn't a problem. The current abbreviations doesn't require a space (but does require a capital letter) but these are regular expressions, so anything is possible.

> I also noted that it seems to be allowable for cartographers to drop
> the suffix "strasse", "weg" etc. altogether if space limits require
> it, and the full name has been used somewhere else along the way, but
> that's probably hard to do for us.

I have been considering a strategy for removing duplicate place names within a certain radius, e.g. to prevent dual carriageways and junctions getting overly cluttered. Again anything's possible, but I'd like to get something simple working and reliable first.


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