[OSM-dev] Defining aread for re-rendering; Was: JOSM patch to request T at H renders

Martin Spott Martin.Spott at mgras.net
Fri Mar 23 15:17:39 GMT 2007

Hi Frederic,

Frederik Ramm wrote:

> [...] The ideas have already been laid out  
> - the API must, on upload, compute the tile number affected by the  
> upload and either increase a "version counter" or set a "dirty flag"  
> for this tile [...]

Just a side note:
I'm preparing for doing something pretty similar with my Landcover DB
and FlightGear Scenery. Here I'm defining the area for re-processing
the Scenery by calculating a bounding box around a change set and
storing this in a separate table - which makes the whole thing
work independently from the chosen tile-size.

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