[OSM-dev] Writing an OSM map application

Andreas Volz lists at brachttal.net
Fri Mar 23 19:26:55 GMT 2007


I like to write an application that uses the map data from OSM. I
looked how other applications solved this. They import the world.osm
into a SQL database an read all map information from there. So please
try to answer these OSM beginner questions:

- Is there a proposed SQL database format for OSM based maps? This would
be usefull to share end user generated map data between various systems.

- Is there an application which converts the world.osm into a SQL

- Are there any libraries (C/C++) which give me a higher level of
abstraction on the map data then operating with SQL queries?

- Is there a library (or algorithm) which converts a GPS position into
a 2D viewport position to display it in an application?


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