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Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at SSpaeth.de
Tue Mar 27 09:29:03 BST 2007

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Hi, I am pretty new to OSM an wanted to share some thoughts on
osmarender map appearance. While I am no XSLT expert by any means I am
willing to come up with patches for my suggestions though if you find my
proposals interesting.

1) I find that Tram lines are rendered too thick, as they cover all
streetnames of underlying roads. This concerns zoom level 15 (grey is
ok, but you can hardly see if there is a street underneath or not),
level 16 has a grey with readable street names so is OK, level 17, pitch
black covering the road, so that street names are unreadable. Making
that a narrower gray rather than broad pitch black would help here.

2) So far I used railway=halt for tram and bus stations. Especially for
busses that comes out as too prominent. Would a patch to render nodes
with highway=bus_station (as in map features) similar to station=halt
but with a little smaller font be accepted?

3a) The oneyway=yes arrows are ridiculous small in anything above zoom
level 17. The small collection of random pixels often even appears to be
the other way round when zoomed out. Care to make this bigger?

3b) Also I find that the arrows should be repeated in regular distances.
Right now they are only at the very beginning and the very end of roads,
which is not obvious for long roads. Osmarender wiki page has an example
of a lift symbol being repeated along a way, so apparently it is capable
of doing this. Should I look into repeating oneway arrows along a road?

4) An alternative solution for the unreadable (residential) road names,
which could also improve many other situations would be to print the
round name in white in a little larger font underneath the black one, in
effect outlining the street name in white (as can be seen in Google and
 other maps). Then you could read names even when on a black line, or
when eg one-way arrows lie beneath.

Sorry for the long post and thanks for your attention,
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