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Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Mar 27 09:53:24 BST 2007


> 2) So far I used railway=halt for tram and bus stations.

Don't (do the latter). Bus stations are not railway halts. Use  

> Especially for
> busses that comes out as too prominent. Would a patch to render nodes
> with highway=bus_station (as in map features) similar to station=halt
> but with a little smaller font be accepted?

The problem with bus stops is that they are often a bit difficult to  
pinpoint, especially on a detailed zoom level - you may have a bus  
stop named "Oxford Circus" but there may be 10 different individual  
places (platforms?) where buses actually stop, so you'd either have  
to put one fat node in the middle, or place nodes at every stop and  
name them "Oxford Circus, Lines 123 and 234, northbound" - which  
would be guaranteed to clutter any map...

I'm all for rendering bus stops but do a search on older postings,  
there has been some discussion (without tangible result I believe) on  
that before.

> 3b) Also I find that the arrows should be repeated in regular  
> distances.
> Right now they are only at the very beginning and the very end of  
> roads,

See http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/ 
Talk:Osmarender#Ideas_for_rendering_oneways - I believe Jochen has  
not found a good way to fix that yet; if you manage to find something  
that repeats arrows nicely, I'm sure everybody would be happy!

> 4) An alternative solution for the unreadable (residential) road  
> names,
> which could also improve many other situations would be to print the
> round name in white in a little larger font underneath the black one,

That is already done for highway numbers. Check the Osmarender style  
file and you'll see that many "refs" are rendered with a white  
"stroke" and a black "fill", that's exactly the effect you are  
talking about. It might be a problem though to use this for small  
fonts, maybe that's the reason it is not done for road names.

A big weak point of Osmarender is that you never know where your text  
is rendered and what's going to be underneath, so you cannot e.g.  
move the text to a place where it is better readable or selectively  
add a white border when it is necessary.


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