[OSM-dev] T at h area coverage

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Mar 27 14:08:03 BST 2007


> I'm now a registered T at h helper, so I started a
> simple loop for all X and Y tile coordinates (at zoom 12) in this
> area, run tilesGen.pl xy $x $y, followed by upload.pl (and a short
> sleep).  Is this the recommended method, or is there something
> better?

That's perfectly ok but it is best to request updates through the  
central queue and have your tilesGen.pl run in "loop mode" at the  
same time. Then request re-rendering of the tiles you're interested  
in by repeatedly calling


That way the results should be in even faster .. unless of course you  
don't trust the queue and would rather like to do it yourself ;-)

> When I edited the area in JOSM, I saved the area as a file
> "murmansk.osm".  I guess I could dig through that file to find
> node coordinates, convert them to tile coordinates, and only run
> "tilesGen.pl xy $x $y" for the tiles that have nodes.

Read my Tiles at home/Currency article in the wiki, there's a script  
named "lastmodtile.pl" mentioned there. That is geared towards  
planet.osm which has a last-modified attribute with nodes/segments/ 
ways but a little change will probably make that script do exactly  
what you want.


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