[OSM-dev] tilesAtHome stylesheet duplication

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue May 1 15:24:22 BST 2007


 > Why wouldn't we want a common stylesheet which does
> not change for all zoomlevels and some zoom-level specific extensions?
> Would that be possible? Has it just to be done?

I think it is technically possible but the differences between the zoom 
levels are so big that you will end up having a "zoom-specific 
extensions" file that is as big again as the original stylesheet.

> On a side note, I still find that "improvements" to osmarender should 
> automatically be used by t at h, ie. symlinking standard.xml or something 
> like that.

That would require everyone who makes changes to osmarender to make sure 
that he or she doesn't break t at h while doing so. If you are confident 
that people are capable of that ... ;-


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