[OSM-dev] [PATCH] Delete empty t at h tiles on the server

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed May 2 11:08:51 BST 2007


> Can't we assume that if there are things on Z-17 tiles, there will at
> least be something on the higher level zoom tiles?

As I said, a single node tagged as a pub will only show ub on Z-17 or  
so. I know for a fact that someone has imported lists of Youth  
Hostels from an external data source, and often wondered about lone  
nodes in the middle of nowhere created by that import. While they are  
not even rendered on Z-17 to my knowledge, this could change any time.

> If that assumption is wrong, then we should also change the t at h
> clients, because at the moment they don't generate subtiles of empty
> tiles.

I haven't looked at that but the assumption that from "nothing  
rendered on zoom level n" follows "nothing rendered on zoom level n 
+1" is surely wrong.

We could still continue using the current approach if it saves a lot  
of time though - if you want your pub to appear on the map, then at  
least draw a footpath leading to it ;-)


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