[OSM-dev] tiles at home disk usage

Hakan Tandogan hakan at gurkensalat.com
Wed May 2 21:47:57 BST 2007

Sebastian Spaeth wrote:
> Frederik Ramm wrote:
>> That was precisely my argument but some people asked for level 17 and  
>> they got it ;-) it is about 15 GB of extra data but if that makes  
>> working with the maplint layer more enjoyable for only a handful of  
>> people, it's worth it I'd say. It is not for me to decide how others  
>> should work.
> As long as disk space is scarce, I would rather turn maplint level 17 
> off. We can turn it on again, once we have another disk or two.

Maybe it is time again for a donation drive? I just sent some funds via 
paypal, I hope it paves the way for another 160GB drive to keep the 
renderers happy for a few more weeks ;-)


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