[OSM-dev] OSM Photos

Lizard lizard at furcon.de
Fri May 4 21:54:33 BST 2007

hi all,
i just subscribed to this list and hope that my proposal was not
discussed to dead earlyer.

i just tryed importing pictures into josm and there was the idea that
there is a feature missig, uploading them to osm. i talked short time in
irc about that and got some pages that provides geo-coordinates to
pictures, but i also got the answer "well OSM needs its own version at
some point, becuase photos for osm would noway be fit for
geograph.org.uk.  I.e. millions apon millions of photos of streetsigns".

well, i know that this project would not so simple like it sounds ... it
will generate tonns of data and traffic, wich means some distributed
solution. but, ok ... i would just get your opinion about this idea, for
now. if there is a "yes, its cool"-reponse, i am disposed to start
something like that (just talking is ineffective :)) )

and, yes, my scripting/programming skills are better than my english :))))


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